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Here I am back again for a short entry

I have not been able to sleep well,like always so need to use this time to do some things I want to improve on,like my blogging. I read my book for an hour,did some of my e-mails and now will do this,then I am going to try and go back to sleep for a little while.

I had a nice evening at our writer's group and I am so glad that my sister's got me to start this project. It is not only good for me in so many ways, but I do believe that I can learn to improve. I want to continue this for sure and now I need to determine what is important in my life.

I am sure that things will improve for me soon, and I am going to put myself first as much as I can. This has always been a problem for me and I need to develop a new way to approach this. I know a lot about myself, but seem to not apply what I know.

When times are tough, I know I need to be pro-active and not just sit around and feel sorry for myself. Depression hates activity and the need to stay active with something is very important. I have been trying to determine my medical coverage for counseling as it must be covered for me to be able to see someone.

The next few weeks will be important to see if I can change my daily routines enough to make a difference in my mental health. Will work on it and I am going to start a personal journal again like I did right after my surgery. That may assist me to stay on track.

More later feel like maybe I could sleep so had better go try. Sue
sue green door

Happy April Fool's Day

Well the more I try to do everything, the farther behind I seem to get. I want to try and post on a regular time frame, but before I know it two weeks have gone by. I am busy still taking care of my daughter after foot surgery. She is still in a lot of pain and today I take her to the doctor's to have the dressing changed and learn more exercises to try and get her range of motion back. I guess since it has only been three weeks since the surgery she is doing all right. I have been enjoying watching the salmon fishing in the river in front of my home. Even in the cold rain they are out there very thick. My granddaughter is now eleven and her birthday party went well. She had two weeks spring break, as she goes to year round school. This week-end she will be with her Dad. I hope by next week that Candy may be able to drive a little bit. I am so ready for some warmer weather. I want to start walking outside each day, but it is too cold to do it and enjoy the walk. I am starting my next assignment for our writer's group, even though I was sure I would do it earlier this time. Where does the time go. I am doing some research, wow what a surprise that is for me. I am having so much fun with this writing and enjoying the experience a lot. I hope to keep this up and have a journal that I plan to write in daily. I think that my reading is more fun as I watch for the writing style much more. I love being able to try new things and that is a good thing for me. Love Sue
sue green door

Well time to try and post more often much to talk about

It is quite early the morning of my daughter Candy's surgery on her foot. I woke up and was out looking for her cat Saxon, who got out yesterday and we can't find. I so hope this old man comes home to us today. I guess he just likes the freedom, but he is 16, and needs to be in his warm home. I feel so bad about him, but perhaps he chooses a different life now. I had a wonderful week-end just getting out of the house and going to a cribbage tournament. My cards were not good, but the friendships are so fun and I laughed a ton with my friends, which is wonderful medicine for me. Then the highlight of my month, was our writer's group meeting on Monday night. My sister Marilyn chairs the meetings and does an outstanding job. She plans such a great blend of teaching and practice, with witty remarks, I marvel at her talent. The stories were so good from everyone and while the group was smaller than usual, we had a super time. Charlie prepares a great dinner for us each month, and is the best hostess. She also cleans the house and welcomes everyone making us all feel right at home. I loved my story and could not have finished it without a lot of help from Charlie, but she is my special resource to continue to learn and try something new. I am so honored to be part of the group, and know that this will improve my writing. I even received the special honor of a prize for most improved writer, which made my day. This old dog is learning some new tricks and hope that I will do that as long as I live. Thank you so much Marilyn and Charlie for including me in the Writer's group, I just love doing this with you both. I hope Candy will do well today with her surgery and that her recovery will go smoothly. I am so happy that our clown corp now has a sponsor, and I need to start my walking again very soon to get back in better shape for the two up coming parades. Maybe while I am home more taking care of Candy, I can try and post more often. Charlie saved my life yesterday and many other days helping me prepare the Board of Director nominations for the American Cribbage Congress. I learned a small amount about how to use Word, but without her, I could have never prepared 36 nominations into a word document, attached it to an e-mail and sent it to our newsletter editor. Thank you again Charlie, you are wonderful, and I will not take up your work time with my projects, except for my writing. Should have put this in paragraphs so it was easier to read. Maybe next time, bye for now. Love Sue
sue green door

What a fun Saturday, my sisters and I went to dinner

Well I have been very busy and keep trying to catch up, but get further behind every day. My sisters and I went to Red Robin for a tasty dinner. We laughed so much about Marilyn's story and my helpful hints. Charlie also helped a lot, or Marilyn may not have thought so. I worked on my story for writers group, I have a great idea, concept, but can't put it into words that say what I want. I will work a lot today to finish the two thousand words. I love being a part of the writer's group and even though it makes me push myself I am going to stay in the group and improve myself. I am going to take three loads of clothes to the laundry room and wash and dry them today, then when they bring my new dryer on Tuesday I will not have a bunch of laundry in my wash room. Tomorrow the two new toilets go in and I hope that goes smooth. I really deserve a break from all of this construction soon. My daughter Candy was up all night with a very bad tooth and she had to go to work at 4:30AM so I called our dentist and she will see her at 7:15Am on Monday to pull that tooth. She called her in pain pills and antibiotics so hope that will help her. She doesn't want to call her boss to replace her, as she must have surgery on March 12th and miss eight weeks of work. I hope she gets better soon so we can go back to normal, what ever that might be. Nicole had fun at the birthday party and did well roller skating yesterday. I know that spring will be here soon, since it is March now. I have not hated a winter as much as I did this one ever. I think my advanced age makes me less able to roll with the punches and I need to just let things happen without over reacting. I am going to continue to learn new tricks, be sure and dance and stop and smell the roses, so I can cope with the lovely things thrown at me each week. Thank you sisters, for being in my life and helping me deal with all of this. Love to you all, Sue
sue green door

Great day, happy and lots of energy cleaning house even

For a Monday this is a wonderful day. My daughter and I did a lot of house cleaning and I just finished scrubbing the kitchen, cleaning the cats dishes and cleaning the dining room some.

I am glad when I feel like doing stuff in the house and wish I did more often. I am changing my bed next and have four baskets of laundry to fold that I washed earlier.

I had a nice visit with my sisters today also. We went to Starbucks for coffee and then Marilyn gave me a short lesson on how to navigate Live Journal. I want to learn more so it was very nice of her to take the time to teach me a few more new tricks.

Charlie was putting up a great video show of pictures from the 150th birthday party of the State of Oregon which they attended on Saturday night. They both looked wonderful and the pictures turned out so beautiful. I am sure Charlie will put some up on her blog soon.

Marilyn is making a new flier for my cribbage tournament which I am holding on March 21st. I hope that I have a good turn out for the tournament. It would be nice to have 20, but any over 14 will work out all right.

My granddaughter Nicole has been at her Dad's all long week-end and I miss her a lot. Her Dad's birthday was the 15th and she had to be gone for Valentines Day too. We have some little things for her when she gets home. Her Mom will drive down and meet them and bring her home around six pm.

I am listening to music and singing along since no body is home and there won't be people holding their ears, as I am pretty tone deaf. Love to sing, but everyone else in my family got the singing talent, not me. Oh well I always try if I know the words.

I believe this will be a great week for me and I hope it will be for all of you. Love Sue
sue green door

Wow time flies when you don't post everyday

I want to try and post as often as I can, but seem to just forget to do it when I am at the computer.

My trip to Reno was fun and I even made a little money at cribbage. I came in second in the long match, but will still get some good money from that.

I have a sinus infection now and am going to the doctor next Tuesday morning. I had a headache over my eyebrows the entire time in Reno and still have it worse than usual. I want to get my blood checked also as haven't been to the doctor for quite a long time. I did well this week at cribbage club, took first place and my points are adding up a bit.

My sisters and I and the rest of our writing group met last Monday for the second time. It was a great evening and I really enjoy the experience a lot, but I do feel that I am the weakest writer in the group. That doesn't bother me as I knew when I started that I would need to work hard to learn the new skills needed to improve. I just love doing it and stepping out to try something new.

I want to continue posting messages here and learning more about the use of the computer. I am going to have a great week-end and read a lot. I love to read and my granddaughter is at her dad's. Happy Valentine's Day everyone and enjoy your week-end. Sue
sue green door

Wish I felt just a little better

Well it is after midnight and I was hopeful that I would feel much better today, but I still feel pretty rotten. I know I will be better every day this week and by the time I fly out on Thursday I will be fine. I am glad that I did get most of the laundry done today and the dishes, but need to do so much with the contractor coming here to work in the morning. I need to get the paper work all done and in the mail to my lien holder and it is so confusing. I feel like the steps they make me go through are crazy. Sometimes I know that the things that don't kill you will make you stronger, but does it need to be this difficult. I had a great birthday and everyone was so sweet to me and generous. I am a lucky women. Enough whining and on to finishing my writing assignment. More later. Love Sue
sue green door

My 66th birthday is today

Good morning and I woke up to a nice telephone call from my two sisters who sang Happy Birthday to me. I have a fresh cold and am trying hard to get over it before my trip to Reno this week to play in the biggest cribbage tournament of the year. My friend Eugene took me out to a nice steak dinner for my birthday last night, and today my friend Linda and her 91 year old mother Ruthann are taking me to lunch. People are so sweet and make a lot of my birthday. My son wants me to come out to his house for super bowl tomorrow, but I really don't want to go. He will have lots of his young friends there and they will be drinking and smoking funny stuff, which I just don't enjoy. I am really not a prude, I quit drinking in 1992 when I found out I had diabetes, and while I don't mind at all others enjoying drinks, I just don't want to take my cold around anything that will make it worse. I have taken medicine, but so far nothing is helping so today I will try to get lots of rest and drink lots of liquids. I live on the Columbia River and the fog has been so thick that I can't see the river or the bridge by my house. Our writing circle group is meeting on the 9th of February and our assignment is due by the 2nd, so must finish this week-end. Tonight is the finals of the tennis match and I have been watching it live in the middle of the night. I hope it will be a good match, but will enjoy it no matter what.
sue green door

second entry granddaughter Nicole

I am glad that I am learning how to navigate live journal and hope that I will learn more soon. I appreciate the comments that people made and the folks who added me as a friend. My granddaughter who lives with me is Nicole and she is ten years old. She goes to school and is in the fifth grade. She loves video games, her new Ipod and Club Penquin on the computer. She has been sick for a couple of weeks and I am very worried about her. We are taking her to the doctor tomorrow. Soon I will have her picture added to my information here. Both Nicole and I love to read and I am enjoying reading a bunch of her books now.